The best tips for the development of mobile applications

Mobile applications are in high demand because of their great use in business eغير مجاز مي باشدystem. Business individuals are using these applications to facilitate the smooth and optional operation of the business and promote products and services. When it comes to the development of mobile applications, it is in itself a complicated process, since it implies adequate planning and execution to obtain appropriate results. Let's discuss some tips that developer should keep in mind before developing mobile applications:

Conference with the client: This is the beginning phase and most important in the process of developing mobile applications. In this phase, you must interact with the customers to understand all the requirements for the application to be developed. This phase is very crucial for developers, as they need to plan their approach. It would be nice if you could make your question relevant to the application you need to develop. You can interact with customers throughout the development of the project, but taking the first step would be beneficial.

Prototype development: After meeting all the requirements of the client, the next step is to develop prototype version. In this, you can create an approximate draft of the project on paper or there are other wireframe tools available, which will help you with this step. Once you've collected all the pieces, discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the application that needs to be developed, that is, the viability, which is followed by the client's approval.

Try to give suggestions: this step is also important as other previous steps. It will help you build trust between customers. You can also suggest some of your own points that will help add more essence to the application. We all know that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a little more essence in your idea.

Create a strategy: after understanding everything about the idea in which the mobile application should be developed, the next thing is to establish the strategy. In this step, you should sit down with your designers, developers and testers to discuss the strategy that you will follow in the mobile application development process.

Design: the most important part in the development process of the application, because if your application does not have a good interface, ie navigation, appearance, then your application will still be a mistake.

Development of the application: once everyone is ready with the idea and the strategy, the following is the application development process. Most business people now prefer their applications developed for multiple platforms, depending on the client's requirements they need to continue working. You can divide the mobile application development process into several fragments between your team to work parallel.

Application test: It is also an important step that the whole development process. In this step, you must ensure that your developed application is free of errors. There are a number of tools available for testing your application for errors and errors.

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Web development and KDE4

KDE3 had quite good applications for web development, the most prominent and useful Quanta3 (actually I am still a advanced user of Quanta3). The KDE4 version of Quanta (Quanta4) will be a major rewrite, based on kdevplatform, the base of KDevelop4.

Although KDevelop4 will only have its Beta6 release soon, and can be used for daily work, Quanta4 is not.

Well, no problem, you might think, just use Quanta3. But for many people it is not:

·         Kde3 packages are inherited by the distributions and will be eliminated sooner or later

·         Some distributions do not send all the necessary packages for a complete Quanta3 (eg, missing kio-Slaves, not fish: //)

·         A KDE3 application does not integrate as well, it's more like a Gtk application in a Kde4 session

Let's look at the future of Quanta4:

As it is more or less a rewrite, and not just carry the old code, we have a lot of work to do. Andras and Eric, the main contributors of Quanta3, no longer contribute, so the development is more or less on hold. But wait, Quanta4 is based on the same kdevplat form as KDevelop4, right? This means that any KDevelop4 add-on is a complement to Quanta4. And a lot for the KDevelop4 plug-in:

·         Php language support (which is really cool)

·         Php documentation (very useful)

·         Executor of scripts (execute scripts within Developer, necessary for debugger)

·         Browser driver (external browser open, necessary for debugger)

·         Compatibility with the xdebug debugger (next plugin for php debugging)

Then, active development occurs for Quanta4; we only use all KDevelop4 to test the add-ons.

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Put your eyes on the right when you move to Karachi!

In the midst of all the curiosity and the exciting move to Karachi and the prospective approach from all the customers, packers and movers in karachi come into play when it comes to their concern to take their valuable assets from them from their current location to anywhere. Having served its valued customers for so many years and making its presence felt in so many countries around the world with their premium moving services, today they have a great resource to cover the entire city of Karachi more effectively.

Change of house is something that requires a lot of attention and dedication. It must be a very stressful and exhausting task. The relocation is not just about packaging and moving things from one place to another, but it is a long process and involves numerous activities that, in general, make the person get tired. As the professionals will help you in your move, they will also achieve movement without complications. Also the quality of the packaging material that will provide that quality can not be achieved by itself.

They will be right for you; we will provide a dedicated and professional team for your move. The very important benefit of hiring a moving company is their professionalism and experience as team members. Your experience is there only to provide satisfactory and quality packaging of the items in your home so that they do not get scratched. They are well trained and have sufficient experience to execute their relocation with proper planning and professionalism.

They provide quality materials and professional equipment and tools that will make you pack, load, move, unload and unpack all tasks that must be done properly using the right materials, equipment and tools that will be simpler. The moving companies own all the materials required and of the best quality to pack their products with complete care so that they arrive at the destination in perfect conditions.

They have their customer service to help their queries when requested. If you hire a good moving company, they always have the quality services to be served by your customers and they also include the customer service executive at the company, who is available 24 * 7 to answer your questions. Therefore, have the support of any moving company 24 * 7 and then customers do not need to worry about anything, as there is always someone who takes care of their problems.

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Development of the Nokia application in 5 minutes

In this publication, we will discuss how to develop the Nokia web application in minutes using the web mobile application development tool Express provided by Nokia.

Now click the I accept button to display the terms and conditions page after clicking the Test Now button.

Now enter the name of your application in the next step as shown below

Now you will get the list of templates available with the xpress web application tool as shown below. Now enter the title of your application (it will be displayed on the top of your mobile phone) on the first page.

Now, click on the next button to get the Add widget page with options like Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Clip, etc. (In this demo, I will show you how to develop an application with feed using my blog address only for your understanding))

Drag and drop the feed widget logo as shown below

Now enter the address of the website where you want to obtain the feeds and click on the Go button and now the creator of the web application will automatically load the feeds from the website (in my example, I obtained feeds from www.digitalnativetech.blogspot .in blog).

You can change the amount of feeds that will be displayed on the mobile by adjusting the search bar for the number of feed items (you can display up to 10 feeds).

The next page is the very important page where you can add ads to your applications so you can earn more with your application by simply showing ads in your application)

You will get the following widgets on the next page.

Now simply drag and drop the ad logo (Ads logo) into your phone's design and now you will be asked for the ID of the application you must create in your nax account.

To create an application ID, click on the Nokia Ad Exchange site link on the page and log in (if you do not have a nax account, create one on this site securely).

To create a new account, provide your details in the available form and click start now

Now click on the button Start now after entering your data (if you do not have a website, at least create a blog on that will be very simple and useful for you in your career)

Now nax will send you a confirmation email to your email address and it will probably take some time to approve your account, so be patient at that time as this is a very important step.

After receiving your confirmation email from the nax account, log in to your nax account now as shown below.

Now click on Login and choose the Add application button and enter the details of your application and simply enter the details of my application for your reference.

Now click the create button and copy the application ID and paste it into the Nokia creator's site xpresswebapp and click the Go button now the add-on will load into your application as shown below

That is, your application is almost finished, now you have to publish it, so first click on the Finish button. Now you will be asked to enter your Nokia account and password (If you do not have a Nokia account, create one by clicking on the registration at the bottom of the Nokia login page)

Now you have to create the final details of your application on the page as shown below in the next step (note that you must have an account in and will surely ask you to pay 1 euro for creating an account in )

You can even change your own icon and now enter your author's name and author's mail identification as yours and click Save to have your application ready and now click on Publish your application and on the publication details of your application.

Now click on continue so that the web application creator now creates your application package and publishes it in your Nokia account. The publication of your application in OVI Store may take at least 3 or 5 days.

To see the status of your application, click on see the status of the store (store icon) as shown below in the screenshot below

So we can develop any number of applications like this and win through this web application

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11 ways to improve the design of the user experience of your website

Credit by: Web development services

In today's digital market, customers have more options than ever when it comes to buying online. Almost every imaginable product or service is available at your fingertips, which means that every online business must find a way to convince consumers to choose among others.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering an intuitive and positive user experience (UX). In fact, 71% of successful companies believe that their superior UX is their main competitive differentiator that attracts customers.

What's even more incredible is the fact that customers are incredibly influenced by even the smallest details, just one of the many UX challenges faced by web designers.

With this data in mind, you probably have understood why you need a UX kickass design for your website. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1) Perform A / B tests frequently

The key to creating a better UX is constant improvement, and that kind of innovation can only be backed up with extensive testing and experimentation. The A / B test tactics are the best way to determine which settings are best for your website specifically. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact on conversion rates, so make sure your design team is constantly experimenting and comparing new concepts and ideas.

2) Reduce the number of web pages

Efficiency and comfort are the two factors that customers value most in the UX of a website: surpass service, technology and even personalization. A website with dozens of pages for each part of the content is not efficient, especially when someone is in the initial stages of the client's trip and is simply investigating their organization. Simplify things by eliminating unnecessary eyelashes and always make sure you never take your clients to a dead end without CTA.

3) Include attractive CTAs

The CTA buttons are demanding creatures. A couple of small adjustments here and there can significantly increase or impact the click rate. A case study found that when a website made its CTA button have a contrast color with the rest of the page, it had 122% more click rates.

The placement is also very important to consider. In general, the closer to the top of the page, the better the button will work. Of course, your team should do some experiments here to see what design changes work best with your visitors, but keep in mind that even a small change (ie, font, color, moving graphics, etc.) can have a large impact.

4) Pay attention to website security

One of the main reasons why a customer will leave your cart or leave a web page is because something scared them. And for good reason; The number of data breaches continues to rise every year, making consumers especially skeptical and concerned about the security of their personal information.

Obviously, the security of your website should also be a major concern for your business. If you still do not have a security system, get one. Then, be sure to clearly show your security features with trusted credentials throughout your website, especially on the payment page. When customers see a security badge on an e-commerce site, they are more likely to buy.

5) Beware of 404 errors

Do you want to know the best way to get rid of your customers? Take them to an error page. 74% of customers who encounter a 404 error will immediately leave your website without thinking twice. There are many monitoring tools, but only a simple check with Google Analytics data can show which internal and external links are broken.

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Studies that through the light in the changing trends of social networks

Social media is an indispensable part of Internet marketing and they have the power to make or break your online marketing campaign. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social platform, all are used for marketing, although the strategies vary from one platform to another.

However, the landscape of social networks continues to change and marketing strategies must also be implemented accordingly. You should know the latest trends and updates in social networks to ensure that your marketing strategies work as expected. Here we are going to mention some studies that will allow you to know the psychology of different social network platforms and how you can improve your marketing campaign on these platforms.

More than 33% of Instagram users use the platform for knowledge gathering.

Yes, you read that right. Knowledge gathering is the main reason for motivating people to use Instagram. The research team at the University of Alabama conducted a survey to learn the main motivation for using Instagram. More than 200 students were taken in this survey. They were given 20 options and asked how often they use Instagram for each of them. And the results of the research were reduced to the four main points after combining the results of the 20 options.

These are the four main reasons (listed in terms of priority) behind the use of Instagram.

- Surveillance

Most people use Instagram to gain knowledge of what others are doing. It can be your relatives, friends, colleagues or any other person.

- Maintain the registry

Instagram is a good way to create a virtual photo album. People use it to keep track of their special moments of life.

- Popularity

People use Instagram to gain popularity that is achieved through "likes" and followers.

- creativity

There are also people who use Instagram to show their creative abilities to the world.

Facebook is the most popular social network.

Although other platforms have gained much popularity, even so, Facebook is the most popular social network. And its popularity is 2 times more than the second most popular platform, namely Instagram.

Another fact about Facebook is that its users are more committed than users on other platforms. Around 76% of Facebook users use it daily. Among them, 55% visit it several times a day, while the rest visit it once a day.

Therefore, it is the best marketing platform. Live Facebook videos and Facebook ads are popular options for marketing.

Curiosity, challenges and fantasies drive me to like, comment and share on Facebook.

Gaming is the best way to get involved with your audience. Mesغير مجاز مي باشدes that involve challenge, fantasy and curiosity increase user commitment. But in the case of challenges, it should not require much effort, otherwise it will be ignored. So, instead of publishing general publications, you are trying to get involved with your audience through gamification.

Without a doubt, studies will not continue after a few years. Therefore, stay updated with the latest research and update your marketing strategies in social networks accordingly.

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Effective tips to make your influential marketing work in 2017

Influential marketing is an evolving trend in SEO; allows you to offer more user participation, generate more traffic, increase brand visibility and more. In reality, they are becoming popular as people prefer to listen to those they like and admire.

However, to get the best results from your influential marketing, you must ensure that the strategies you implement are not only effective but are made according to the latest trends. These are the latest impact marketing strategies for 2017 that will allow you to achieve success in your marketing campaign.

Set your goals

No one has time to read and reply to long mesغير مجاز مي باشدes; You need to be aware while you communicate with your influencers. And, obviously, for that, you must be clear about what you want to achieve. Therefore, the first thing in affiliate marketing is to establish the goals you want to achieve with the help of your influencers.

However, no matter what your goal is, you just need to be sure of it. It can be a promotion of a new product, brand recognition, an increase in traffic / sales or any other.

Start your search for influencers.

Once you set your goals / goals, it's time to look for influential ones. There is no doubt that there would be many, but all of them would not be suitable for your business and your goals. Therefore, what you need to do is reach the influential people who operate in the desired target market and can help you achieve your goals. You must make sure that they are treated in the same demographic way as yours. Make a list of everything you find appropriate for you.

Choose the right influencers.

Now, you would have a long list of influential people among whom you need to find the right ones. Although the process of choosing the right influencers is easy, you need efforts on your part. You should review your profiles on different social media platforms and analyze what kind of content they create. Review your biographies, recent content updates, photos and videos to learn how they interact with your audience. You can also go through their interests and tastes. All this information will not only let you know more about them, but it will also help you address them in the right way.

Get closer to them on different platforms.

The next step is to approach them. If you're thinking that an email with a subject that attracts attention will work, you're wrong. Influents receive hundreds of emails in their inbox everyday, so it's very likely that your email will be lost. You must do something to make your name known to the influence, since it would increase the chances of your email being read.

Therefore, before writing an email to your influencers, connect them to different platforms. For example, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; as his publications; comment your publications with some relevant text; subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc. All these things will make your name known to you and increase your chances of reading your email.

Make your mail an outstanding one.

Getting potential readers to read your email is not enough; You need to ensure a positive response from them. And this would only be possible if you write an attractive mesغير مجاز مي باشدe. Here are some tips:

- Keep your subject short but striking

- Start your mesغير مجاز مي باشدe with a personal greeting.

- Complement your work and mention what you like about them.

- Specify why you write them. Be brief and clear on this.

- Add an appropriate closing greeting.

Build a personal relationship with the influential.

Once you get the desired response from your potential influencers, make efforts to build a relationship with them. Be quick to answer your questions, take the time to interact with them, ask them if you can do them a favor and look for other ways to improve their relationship with them.

Analyze the results

You will feel very good about getting the specific influencers to work with you, but that is not the actual result. It is necessary to analyze if their initiative is working effectively to achieve its goals or not. Success is only when you reach your goals.

There is no doubt that influential marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience and achieve your SEO goals, but it is only beneficial if done correctly. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of time and money. And inappropriate efforts can also have a negative impact on your marketing campaigns. You can follow the advice given above to make sure you are on the right path to success through influential marketing.

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