Studies that through the light in the changing trends of social networks

Social media is an indispensable part of Internet marketing and they have the power to make or break your online marketing campaign. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social platform, all are used for marketing, although the strategies vary from one platform to another.

However, the landscape of social networks continues to change and marketing strategies must also be implemented accordingly. You should know the latest trends and updates in social networks to ensure that your marketing strategies work as expected. Here we are going to mention some studies that will allow you to know the psychology of different social network platforms and how you can improve your marketing campaign on these platforms.

More than 33% of Instagram users use the platform for knowledge gathering.

Yes, you read that right. Knowledge gathering is the main reason for motivating people to use Instagram. The research team at the University of Alabama conducted a survey to learn the main motivation for using Instagram. More than 200 students were taken in this survey. They were given 20 options and asked how often they use Instagram for each of them. And the results of the research were reduced to the four main points after combining the results of the 20 options.

These are the four main reasons (listed in terms of priority) behind the use of Instagram.

- Surveillance

Most people use Instagram to gain knowledge of what others are doing. It can be your relatives, friends, colleagues or any other person.

- Maintain the registry

Instagram is a good way to create a virtual photo album. People use it to keep track of their special moments of life.

- Popularity

People use Instagram to gain popularity that is achieved through "likes" and followers.

- creativity

There are also people who use Instagram to show their creative abilities to the world.

Facebook is the most popular social network.

Although other platforms have gained much popularity, even so, Facebook is the most popular social network. And its popularity is 2 times more than the second most popular platform, namely Instagram.

Another fact about Facebook is that its users are more committed than users on other platforms. Around 76% of Facebook users use it daily. Among them, 55% visit it several times a day, while the rest visit it once a day.

Therefore, it is the best marketing platform. Live Facebook videos and Facebook ads are popular options for marketing.

Curiosity, challenges and fantasies drive me to like, comment and share on Facebook.

Gaming is the best way to get involved with your audience. Mesغير مجاز مي باشدes that involve challenge, fantasy and curiosity increase user commitment. But in the case of challenges, it should not require much effort, otherwise it will be ignored. So, instead of publishing general publications, you are trying to get involved with your audience through gamification.

Without a doubt, studies will not continue after a few years. Therefore, stay updated with the latest research and update your marketing strategies in social networks accordingly.

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