Development of the Nokia application in 5 minutes

In this publication, we will discuss how to develop the Nokia web application in minutes using the web mobile application development tool Express provided by Nokia.

Now click the I accept button to display the terms and conditions page after clicking the Test Now button.

Now enter the name of your application in the next step as shown below

Now you will get the list of templates available with the xpress web application tool as shown below. Now enter the title of your application (it will be displayed on the top of your mobile phone) on the first page.

Now, click on the next button to get the Add widget page with options like Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Clip, etc. (In this demo, I will show you how to develop an application with feed using my blog address only for your understanding))

Drag and drop the feed widget logo as shown below

Now enter the address of the website where you want to obtain the feeds and click on the Go button and now the creator of the web application will automatically load the feeds from the website (in my example, I obtained feeds from www.digitalnativetech.blogspot .in blog).

You can change the amount of feeds that will be displayed on the mobile by adjusting the search bar for the number of feed items (you can display up to 10 feeds).

The next page is the very important page where you can add ads to your applications so you can earn more with your application by simply showing ads in your application)

You will get the following widgets on the next page.

Now simply drag and drop the ad logo (Ads logo) into your phone's design and now you will be asked for the ID of the application you must create in your nax account.

To create an application ID, click on the Nokia Ad Exchange site link on the page and log in (if you do not have a nax account, create one on this site securely).

To create a new account, provide your details in the available form and click start now

Now click on the button Start now after entering your data (if you do not have a website, at least create a blog on that will be very simple and useful for you in your career)

Now nax will send you a confirmation email to your email address and it will probably take some time to approve your account, so be patient at that time as this is a very important step.

After receiving your confirmation email from the nax account, log in to your nax account now as shown below.

Now click on Login and choose the Add application button and enter the details of your application and simply enter the details of my application for your reference.

Now click the create button and copy the application ID and paste it into the Nokia creator's site xpresswebapp and click the Go button now the add-on will load into your application as shown below

That is, your application is almost finished, now you have to publish it, so first click on the Finish button. Now you will be asked to enter your Nokia account and password (If you do not have a Nokia account, create one by clicking on the registration at the bottom of the Nokia login page)

Now you have to create the final details of your application on the page as shown below in the next step (note that you must have an account in and will surely ask you to pay 1 euro for creating an account in )

You can even change your own icon and now enter your author's name and author's mail identification as yours and click Save to have your application ready and now click on Publish your application and on the publication details of your application.

Now click on continue so that the web application creator now creates your application package and publishes it in your Nokia account. The publication of your application in OVI Store may take at least 3 or 5 days.

To see the status of your application, click on see the status of the store (store icon) as shown below in the screenshot below

So we can develop any number of applications like this and win through this web application

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